Weekend in Rome

Experience the Capital like a Roman

Key Points:

Location: ROME

Type of Tour: free with some guided tours and customizable.

Activities: Unusual guided tours. 

Rhythm: Slow, to really appreciate the city.

Best season: Spring and Autumn.


It is said that a lifetime would not be enough to complete all the things to do in Rome to really enjoy all the wonders it hides. 

It’s considered one of the cities more beautiful in the world, a true metropolis rich in history and art, but also the hub of political life, today as in the past. It includes thousands of points of environmental, archaeological and social interest and its legends have become famous all over the world.

It has inspired artists of all kinds and many directors, both Italian and foreign, who continue to choose it as a set for their films. It is a metropolis that carries on its shoulders centuries of events, so much so that it is called the Eternal City, an epithet that has contributed to making it so famous and loved.

To experience the city like a true Roman, we offer you alternative visits in order to get out of the usual itineraries!



Arrival in Rome (airport or train station) and transfer to your hotel located not far from the Vatican City.

In the afternoon, visit to the Borgo Pio district, a natural antechamber of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. The neighborhood is dotted with restaurants, hotels, small shops selling religious souvenirs, and historic tailoring shops.

Among the monuments and places of greatest interest, you can admire Castel Sant’Angelo, Ponte Sant’Angelo, perhaps the most beautiful bridge in Rome, on which two rows of magnificent angels are placed, escorting those who cross it on the opposite bank of the Tiber towards St. Peter’s, the Passetto di Borgo, the crenellated and elevated passage that connects the Vatican Palaces to Castel Sant’Angelo, a quick escape route and salvation for popes threatened by the invasions of Germanic populations. After coming out of the labyrinth of streets, the magnificence of Bernini’s Colonnade and St. Peter’s Basilica will appear before your eyes as if by magic.

For your Roman evening, we recommend the Pigneto district: it was one of the areas most favored by artists and intellectuals, over the years it has undergone a gentrification process that has brought it from being a peripheral area to a lively center of bars and artistic ateliers. Today it is known as a hipster neighborhood with a trendy vibe, with a wide selection of traditional trattorias and trendy bars.

Overnight stay in Rome.


Rome competes with Marseille for the title of European Capital of Street Art. Among all the neighborhoods, Ostiense has become one of the favorite places for writers and street artists who enrich the facades of buildings with their colorful works. This morning, with our guide, you will walk through this district and admire this expression of modern and contemporary art that perfectly blends with the history that the city exudes.

Afternoon free.

For your second evening in Rome, we recommend the Rione Monti, eclectic and right in the center of the city, in fact, it borders the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums. In the squares and all the streets of the neighborhood, you will find a wide selection of typical trattorias, but also chic wine bars and vintage boutiques. Overnight stay in Rome.


After breakfast, guided tour of the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, one of the four major basilicas of Rome, the second largest after that of St. Peter’s, and is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Rome.

Although not located in the center of the city, this Basilica is well worth a visit.

Probably the most interesting part of the Church is the grandiose atrium with 150 columns of alabaster, from which you can contemplate the exterior of the church covered with a huge golden mosaic, which reflects the sunlight. The center of the large courtyard with a garden is dominated by a colossal statue of St. Paul.

One of the greatest treasures in the church is the cloister, which survived a great fire and is currently in perfect condition.

Free time for lunch.

Transfer to the airport or train station in Rome. Return journey to your destination.