Rice and Biogas in VERONA and surroundings

4-day journey for 20 farmers interested in the cultivation of rice and in the biogas installations.
Begin the tour in Verona with a guided visit of the city and of its famous monuments.
During the tour the clients have the possibility to visit and get to know every piece of information about some local farms. Visit of an organic rice producer around Isola della Scala, followed by a grain producer and by a cereals farm involved in the production, storage and commercialization of corn, barley, wheat, soya, both organic and non-organic.
Guided visit of Sirmione before visiting some local wine and oil producers to learn their successful traditional techniques, favourited by climate of the hills. Tasting of the delicious extra-virgin olive oil and local wine.
Before leaving, stop in an installation producing electricity fuelled by biogas from a livestock waste bio digester.